Ms. McCarty writes with a unique comic voice,  exploring the pitfalls and triumphs of human nature through laughter and wisdom.   Her characters illustrate the eccentricities of every day life.  

 Playwright Kathryn G. McCarty 
"Someday I'll be that little 
old lady in the corner,  
beating my cane on the table -- 
screaming 'Shit!  Shit!  Shit!"               
                   WHEN WE DANCED
"We'll make you straight!    Call 1-800-UR-Healed!"  

“I got no time for bullshit. 
There’s drinking to be done”

D E F I N I N G   F O R M                   (1997)

Middle-aged siblings struggle over the care of their aging mother, in the early stages of Alzheimer's.  Humor & Pathos combine in this exploration of changing family roles.                                                                                                       (3 F/3 M) 
T H E  F I T T I N G  R O O M                                      (1998)  

 A peek inside a ladies dressing room in a voyeuristic perspective on the search for meaning,  truth and the perfect  pair of jeans.                                           (4M/8F)    54 roles              
 "Top 10 of Bay Area Theatre, 1998,"  Pat Craig, Contra Costa Times
C R I C K E T    O N   T H E   H E A R T H                          (1998)  
Musical adaptation by McCarty and 5 Bay Area composers of  the Charles Dickens'  Holiday Novella .   A chirping cricket on the hearth serves as the a family's guardian angel in this tale of a Scrooge-like toymaker, Tackleton, a mysterious man and a young blind girl.         
H E N R Y  E V E R  A F T E R                                                            (1999)  
 A comic examination of California Suburbia, when long-time neighbors of the late Henry Singer gather to honor a man  they  never really knew.             (6M/5F)

F A U L T Y  A N G E L S                                                   (2000)    
 A grieving widower meets his younger self at a turning point in both of their lives.                (2M)
W H E N  W E  D A N C E D                                                     (2002)  

Surprise 40th Birthday party brings together a group of collegiate friends facing the challenges of the 21s Century, including:   AIDS, Child-rearing, 
 Marriage and Work.                                                                                 (7 F/1M)    Contra Costa Review

B E S S I E !                                                                          (2003)   

BESSIE! celebrates a year in the life of the World's Greatest Blues Singer, Bessie Smith -- who took no prisoners as she graced stages across the country --  forever changing the face of music as we know it.   A unique blend of Smith's music and vignettes from a tour as Smith and her troupe of musicians and  actors face adversities of  racism across the United States.                                                                                       (5 F/6 M/Ensemble)
T H E  L A S T  H O O R A H                                       (2003)

The bets are on -- and the stakes are high -- when Ike Craddock proves to his punk rock-wanna be nephew that he can gather his 3 adult children under one roof for July 4th weekend.  Dysfunctional Family Comedy at it's best.                               (5M/2F)  
STRAIGHT LACED:  A CANTATA                                              (2004)                                                                  

An exploration of repartative therapy in an attempt to heal a young man of his homosexuality.     Rossmoor News Critic Charles Jarrett writes:   "Straight-Laced" is how perilously religious dogma and society's pre-conceived and prejudiced belief systems can affect the lives of those in our social structure. A must see play."    Review
   (8 M/6 W/Ensemble) 
the  L A D I E S  Q U I N T E T            More Info                 

 First produced in 2005, Quintet has been enjoyed successful runs throughout the Bay Area, Chicago and Los Angeles.  Currently in production for an Off-Broadway run, the smart comedy  is a series of intimate solo performances on life in the 21st Century..  Contra Costa Times Critic Pat Craig writes:    "McCarty has taken a remarkable change in direction with her latest work, "The Ladies Quartet," a quintet of short, solo works that are as achingly introspective as they are engaging...... They range from touchingly funny the bittersweet poignancy.....There is considerable laughter in all of the pieces, but it comes in bursts, between bouts of sadness and bitterness and the other emotional condiments that  season a well-lived life.  
Actors in Photographs and Posters:

 Dorothea Rastegar, Don Tamblyn,  Catherine Roloff, Dave Kelleher,  Nicki Passeggi, Chris Chapman,  Rachel Pergamit, Alison Owens,  Will Southard,  Laura Morgan, Shawn Creighton, Julie Holland, Sean Keehan, Ryan Makris, Bobby Jennings, 
Helen Means, Adam Harrison, 
Renae Klein, Mark Hinds, John 
Andrew Stillions, Mary Ann Hayes,  Katrina Krasser, Alice Kwong,  Bridget Frederick, Sandy Patel,  Carolyn Kraetsch, Sheilah Morrison,  Janice Anderson, Patricia Quinn, Mark Hinds, & Sarah Piane
  Ms. McCarty's plays have been produced throughout the San Francisco Bay Area  at Galatean Players Ensemble Theatre, Onstage Theatre, New  Conservatory Theatre, Contra Costa College and The Dean Lesher Regional Center for the Arts, in Los Angeles at the Hudson Backstage Theatre and in Chicago at Cafe Voltaire and the Raven Theatre Complex.
"It's in my living will.  Do not rescusitate - but damnit, keep my chin hair plucked!"                                     THE LADIES QUINTET
R I V E T S          (February 2007)

Libretto, Lyrics/Story by Kathryn G. McCarty Music Composed by Mitchell Covington (2008/2009)   A Musical celebration of Rosie the Riveter and the Homefront Soldiers of WW2.    Set in the Kaiser Richmond Shipyards, RIVETS explores the lives of the families left behind in WW2.   
 (9 F/9M  Expandable Chorus)        Rivets Reviews
M A I D S  &  M A T R O N S                (July 2007)

The groom is hours late, the bride allergic to the flowers, the Wedding Planner has designed bridesmaid's dresses from hell, a severe storm causes power outages and the deceased town matriarch has taken up residence in the bride's dressing room.   A screwball comedy, written in response to California's Prop 8, examining the effects that gay marriage has on a family.                                       (11F/6 m)
V I R G I N  S A C R I F I C E S *                                                        (2002

The lovely Bachelorette at table #1 is Shadow and she's lucky enough to have been dating for 25 years!   These  men that taunt her are just.... her imagination playing tricks on her .... as she awaits her blind date.      (1F/3M)
"All across America,
the lights have dimmed
It's not defeat, we're building strength
That we need to win.
When you think you can't get through it,
You're ready to throw in the towel,
Wait a damn minute and say to yourself
Yes We Can Yes We Can Yes We Can!"

(NOT)  A  C H R I S T M A S  C A R O L         (Dec. 2015)

Ebenezer Scrooge -- the world's first CEO of an "Oil and Bank Consortium" is visited by a host of Modern Day ghosts in this adaptation of the Charles Dickens' classic.   (Min. Cast: 15, Expandable)
S W I N G   S H I F T                (Oct. 2013)

An adaptation of Austrian refugee Joseph Fabry's series of short stories with characters based on his friends and co-workers in the Kaiser Richmond Shipyards during WW 2.​             (Flexible cast 8+)


"Don’t be naive.    Those Holiday Carols you love to sing? Written by Jews! The ornaments on your tree? Made in China where 98% of the homeboys believe Jesus is a hipster who lives in Disneyland and runs MTV.  And that God awful tinsel? Made by Atheists in Hong Kong.   I am “pimping” as you young hoodlums say. "          

                                ( Not)  A Christmas Carol
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"I've been  part time at Wilson's Funeral Parlor.  It's a real quiet place.  Nobody talks much."  
               MAIDS & MATRONS
"Drive myself crazy?  I'm already there!"     

"Since he was cremated, Uncle Henry and I have never spent so much time together"  

"Good Christians cry for your mother.  Good Christians don't hate anybody"  

"The most beautiful flowers grow in the most foul smelling soil on earth."

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One Acts - Text

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Scene Study
One Acts - Text

"There are no homosexuals -- just heterosexuals who deviate from the norm."

M O D E R N  W O O L Y  M A M M O T H S*                     (2002)  

A young girl and her Grandpa's battle of  strength and courage as the child is returned to her  Father after her lengthy  absence.   A Film Short adaptation  "Paps and Teeny" was produced in 2005  and shown in several film festivals                                                                                                                            (2M/1F)

ClicB R E A D  B A K I N G  T I M E*              (1998)

One Act Verse and autobiographical play which combines independent monologues written over a period of 4 decades, dealing with the loss of a parent and time which divides us.  k here to add text.
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